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6x4 £0.40
7x5 £0.50
8x6 £1.00
10x8 £2.00

16x24 £10
24x36 £15
40x30 £30
46x34 £35
60x40 £40

A5 £15
A4 £20 
A3 £30
20x16 £35
30x20 £40
34x20 £45
40x20 £50 
45x20 £55

If you want to order photos, please make a note of the photo number (bottom corner of the pictures) then
send an email to John Horley Photography with a list of which photos you would like and sizes.
Prices are below. Payment by PayPal. I will send an invoice as soon as your order has been processed.
Please add £1 p&p to each order